This project was launched in June, 2020. GROWTH is a project that leaps forward from our every Sunday education activity, helps us set new targets and take education to a whole new level.
GROWTH is aimed to provide counselling and resources for student with a wide perception, who are keen on learning more, but lack the resources. The project not only provides the resources but also provides 'A Plan' by the core team that includes studies for a period of 6 months on a daily basis to help the student achieve new heights, from very basic fundamentals top to practical learning like banking, computer and robotics are a part of the project to give them an understanding with respect to such world in which they will have to be dealt in.
It shall and will act as a bridge to strengthen their basics and also introduce them to the subjects which are somewhere lacking in their current curriculum.
The project is all about helping them Grow and take a step above.
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