Learning Development Software(LDS) is a place where every volunteer has a personal login ID and Password.Each and every Educator updates remarks about the kids performance in that session.


Keeping a track record of 200+ kid's every session was always a diffcult task for us. So we found a way with the help of technology known as our Learning Development Software which is specially designed to track the progress of every individual kid. With the Help of LDS we can anytime generate a particular kids Daily progress report.


With a view to focus on everyone's strength and weakness. LDS is helping all the leads and volunteers to track the growth of every kid. As now we know their strengths and weaknesses we try to improve their curriculum and also work on their basics. We also come to know about their interest and hobbies where we can give them a better platform for it.


It contains all the details of volunteers as well as kids. It also has information about our vendors, donors and Guest. Lastly it also helps us to maintain attendance and Majorly it covers our remarks section. Where all the volunteers are required to fill the basic details about everyday's session.

With a dream to change the society to make it a better place to live in. This is our small effort to work for the younger generation.

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