On-Ground Education (Bhoomi)

We are a Mumbai Based Non- Profit organisation that has been serving the youth since 2016.

We aim to empower children who are willing to receive support for their academics by tutoring, skills development, enrichment activities and mentorship programs.

We run 2 Education programmes for children, like - Digital Learning (Online Education), Bhoomi (On- Ground Education) under which we have two sub - projects Turning Point and Step Ahead at various levels of Schooling.

Many students finish their studies from Standard 1 to 9, but without having the knowledge, skills and average marks required for their admissions in Standard 10. Some even rewrite their exams and are unable to get their desired score. We Can We Will tutor the Socio-Economically disadvantaged children from standard 5th to 12th and help them with lectures on daily basis so that they can build a successful career.

Our Program includes:

  • Assessing the Student's learning capabilities
  • We help them develop a habit to learn, to equip them to succeed as relational, resourceful, reflective and resilient learners.
  • We ensure that they develop values of culture and discipline to enrich their future.
  • We tutor students on Academic Topics with day–to–day 4-hour lectures at our premises.
  • We connect students with the help of video lectures who are unable to attend in person – 4 hours a week.
  • Use of Activities like Dance, MMA, Meditation and Fitness to develop their Physical Strength
  • Use of activities like Art and Craft to develop their Creative Vocabulary
  • Use mentorship programs to help them develop ways to deal with emotional aspects of their life.
  • Maintain Digital records to track Lectures conducted by volunteers and staff members.
  • Tests are taken to monitor the students progress and help them improve their knowledge of subjects. With the help of LDS Software (Give the link to the LDS page on the website) our volunteers and teachers can leave comments on the various subjects and the student grades and progress. We generate reports regularly for monitoring.

300+ No. of Students Since 2016.

75% Of Improvement in their Learning Abilities

150+ No. of Supporters for the program

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