Hunger Care

'There are genuinely sufficient resources in the world to ensure that no one, nowhere, at no time, should go hungry' Ed Asner. At We Can We Will, Team food continuously thrives to provide basic nutrition to every segment of society. We serve food at Bhabrekar Nagar, Shatabdi Hospital and Siddharth Hospital, as these government hospitals are occupied by patients and their relatives which find it difficult to afford anything beyond the food that the hospital provides. Some patients are from outskirts and its impossible for their relatives to be by their side at this gruesome hour, therefore, our volunteers give them food, spend some time with them and ask about their well-being. At Bhabrekar Nagar we serve food to around 100 people at only Rs.1, to labourers, auto drivers, construction workers, etc, this is our regular activity since 4 years and continued.
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