About Us

We Can We Will

We Can We Will Foundation has been working towards creating a carefree & well-lived childhood for the disadvantaged children. We are a group of like-minded people of all age groups, with a vibrant energy that serves for the vision of education & a bright future, which consists of equality by reducing illiteracy & hunger.


The main hope of a Nation lies in the Education of it's Youth

Hunger Care

If we can conquer Space, we can conquer Hunger

Road Safety

At the end of the day, the goals are simple: safety and security.


Manavta We Can We Will Annual Day programme

How do You Help?

Adopt a Child Financially

Donate for the education of the disadvantaged children & support them with necessities like tuition fees, school supplies, food etc. & help in giving them access to resources & opportunities to live dignified & independent lives.

Get Involved

Change is within reach provided we have the courage, determination & creativity. Volunteer your skills. Teach! It can be academics or sports, other extracurricular activities. Invest your time in teaching on grounds or online. Volunteer your services in distributing food and dress a face with a smile!

Make A Gift

Donate to programs that will support the children in having access to fields of study alongside education. Gift goods of necessity for medical care, sanitation, transportation, etc.
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